Dutch House of Representatives passes dragnet surveillance bill

16 februari 2017 19:24 / Door David Korteweg
On Tuesday February 14, 2017 the bill for the new Intelligence and Security Services Act was passed by the Dutch lower house. Despite being met with serious opposition from experts, regulators, civil society, political parties and citizens, the revised bill passed virtually unchanged from the proposal submitted to the lower house. It's beyond disappointing that a bill with such momentous consequences is rushed through the lower house with such relentless determination. lees meer

Dutch government wants to keep zero days available for exploitation

24 november 2016 10:04 / Door Rejo Zenger
The Dutch government is very clear about at least one thing: unknown software vulnerabilities, also known as “zero days”, may be left open by the government, in order to be exploited by secret services and the police. lees meer

Recap of the Dutch Big Brother Awards 2016: serious and funny

23 november 2016 11:44 / Door Daphne van der Kroft
An anonymous country singer, the watchdog-walking service and the I-have-nothing-to-hide musical. These were just a few ingredients by theatre producers and performers Oscar Kocken and Daan Windhorst. Just add a crash course ‘Lying with charts’, a few tasteful awards, and you have a very funny and serious ceremony about privacy. Check out the video. lees meer
Lilia Kai

Open Whisper Systems at the Dutch Big Brother Awards

23 november 2016 08:15 / Door Hans de Zwart
Open Whisper Systems was awarded the Felipe Rodriguez award at the twelfth edition of Dutch Big Brother Awards. This award, given to people and organisations who have been invaluable for protecting and advancing privacy, was given to Open Whisper Systems for their work on Signal and the Signal protocol. They have managed to secure the communications of more than a billion people. Lilia Kai was in Amsterdam to accept the award. Watch the video of her awards and read her rousing acceptance speech here. lees meer

Head of Dutch security service is fed up with privacy concerns

19 september 2016 14:42 / Door David Korteweg
Will people who value privacy know that they allowed a terrorist attack to take place? Rob Bertholee, head of the General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands (AIVD) made this and other bold statements in a revealing interview, clearly showing his frustration about legitimate privacy concerns. lees meer

The lobby-tomy 9: lessons of the lobby. What will the Netherlands do?

11 september 2016 17:36 / Door Floris Kreiken
The new European privacy law was a feast for lobbyists, but how did the Dutch government deal with all that information? And is lobbying bad? lees meer

The lobby-tomy 8: anti-fraud! The other magic word

11 september 2016 17:31 / Door Floris Kreiken
Anti-fraud is an important argument for less privacy protection. Insurance companies, banks, and lenders use it to get access to data. lees meer

The lobby-tomy 7: not all roads lead to privacy

11 september 2016 17:26 / Door Floris Kreiken
Within the privacy world, different schools of thought exist. Connecting different viewpoints to a seemingly positive ideology is also a persuasion strategy. lees meer

The lobby-tomy 5: legal help or political choices?

11 september 2016 17:21 / Door Floris Kreiken
Is legal help always objective? Writing laws is a complicated process. A frequently used lobby strategy involves offering “legal help” and arguments that promise legal certainty. Parties claim to make no substantive choices for policy makers, but is that really the case? lees meer

The lobby-tomy 4: Innovation is the magic word

11 september 2016 17:16 / Door Floris Kreiken
If there is one term that seems to be popular in the current political climate, it’s “innovation.” Lobbying is about convincing policy makers of the importance of your position. But is innovation really a good argument? lees meer
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